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foto de mbé, homem negro com barba, cabelos black power e olhar profundo. uma casa ao fundo.



Mbé, word that comes from Yoruba and means “to be and to exist”, is the persona of the artist, researcher, producer and sound engineer from Rio, Luan Correia. His project is based on a search for technological fossils, which are used as communication tools in order to build a present-future.


6pm - opening of the venue

Venue: Galpão CRU - Rua Cruzeiro, 802 - Barra Funda, São Paulo

Free tickets on a first-come, first-served basis. Location subject to maximum capacity.

It's necessary to present the vaccine passport.


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tassia mila, mulher branca, com  cabelos pretos lisos, , veste vestido branco, mangas longas

Sound and visual composer, weaver - I make hand-knit garments - and experimental artist with body, voice and other mediums, in the transmission and lines to the the transit of sounds, images, voices, music and atmospheres. I was born and raised in Jequié-Bahia and I'm indigenous Pataxó-Kiriri.


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