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mulher branca, olhos claros, cabelos curtos, fundo desfocado, olhar profundo


Inés Terra is a singer, improviser and producer. She works in the fields of music, sound art and performance art, exploring the voice as a connection within creation processes. She created the vocal performance series Língua Fora and she released Ruminar with Iago Mati and Teia with Julia Teles.

These activities are closed to youngsters in training.

This workshop is an invitation to meet vocals throughout improvisation. Using games that estimulate the exploration of respiratory, articulatory and vibratory sounds, we recognize the body gestures and the performativity of the singing and noises that emerge in the bodies related. The propposal values the hearing experience of each participant and seeks to expand the imagination by the endless possibilities of vocal expression.


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homem branco, barba, bigode, cabelos bagunçados, olhos arregalados, segurando um cabo de energia



Musician Educator, with 12 years of experience in different contexts of artistic collaboration. Sound researcher, singer, multi-instrumentalist and lutier. He works with the creation of sound installations, cathartic improvisation experiences and music workshops around the world.

These activities are closed to youngsters in training.

Experimental Luthery: on this encounter we will build some instruments together and will demonstrate some processes of instrument building. The idea is to present a group of simple and accessible possibilities to build and some creative ideas with non-conventional materials to amplify the possibilities of sound creation.


homem branco com olhos apertados como se olhasse para o sol, fundo desfocado



Jovem Palerosi has three solo albums released, is a member of MENEIO, participates in Roda de Sample project, makes soundtracks for multimedia projects and countless collaborations. His work explores electronic and organic textures, loops and real-time processing, merging different musical genres.

These activities are closed to youngsters in training.

The workshop addresses the musical creation with electronic resources throughout practical demonstrations of recordings and real time processing with the resource of loops and samples, using analog and digital instruments. The content goes through several aspects of sound perception, experiment with timbre, effects and shares creative processes used on copyright works, soundtracks and multimedia projects.

mulher branca de óculos com cabelos claros, na altura dos ombros, usa camisa de bolinhas,olhos claro


Michelle Farias is graduated in Dance by Universidade Anhembi Morumbi. Interpreter creator of Plataforma Boia since 2020. Interpreter creator ofCia Silenciosas de Dança since 2009. Interpreter creator of Cia de artes do Baque bolado, from 2005 to 2010. Teaches dance classes to kids since 2015.

These activities are closed to youngsters in training.

From experimentation games where our body can turn into whatever we want... we will play and discover new possibilities of moving our body. We'll turn into gellow that melts and gets hard depending on the place it is, we will be pancakes thar roll and unroll on the floor, we will mimic each other movement like a mirror; to discover new ways to move the body of the other estimulate us to get out of our confort zone. We will create movements with a rag doll and a wood doll so everyone can mimic, instensifying the research for movement. Each one can dance on their own way, sometimes as rag doll sometimes as wood doll. Everyone will have the chance to present their dance while others appreciate.



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