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homem preto com dreads  e barba tocando trompete de olhos fechados, veste camiseta regata preta

NEW ABNORMAL Circulation, articulation and distribution of experimental music

The meet sseks to approach means to diffuse experimental music weather in face-to-face practice, with the continued execution of concerts as well as in it's virtual dimension. Taking in to consideration the political and economical impacts of a post-pandemic context, the members share their experiences and trajectories seeking viable paths to build a more articulate and integrated network and questioning how the social media and the digital platform models can help (or disturb) this process.

Musician (de)composer, improviser, cultural producer, educator, author of video art and experimental cinema. Since 2008 has studied real-time musical creation and multidisciplinary processes in art. Had collaborations with more than 250 artists internationally.


4pm - doors

Venue: Galpão CRU - Rua Cruzeiro, 802 - Barra Funda, São Paulo

Free tickets on a first-come, first-served basis. Location subject to maximum capacity.

It's necessary to present the vaccine passport.


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mulher branca com cabelos  escuros longos ondulados, brinco de argola de prata, olhos com delineador

Paula Rebellato is a self-taught artist. As a sound artist, she began her research at an early age and since 2011, when she co-founded the band Rakta, she expands her projects, playing in other bands, solo, in free improvisation circuits, etc.Three months ago she started the independent space Porta.


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mediation: Romulo Alexis

mulher branca sorrindo com cabelos pretos  longos, veste blusa preta

Luciana de Paula Santos (aka loveletterexe) PhD student at Fau Usp, transmedia artist and curator at She researches and develops projects in technological aesthetics of hybrid spaces, networked urbanism, wearable for the body-city.

homem de cabelo grisalhos bagunçados mexendo em uma mesa de som com diversos cabos conectados,

Bernardo Pacheco acts for more than 20 years as a sound technician, musician and artistic director at the brazilian music scene. As an artist he has been acting regularly at the experimental and improvised music scene for the last 10 years, before that he was the bassplayer of the band Are You God? and guitar player for the band Elma.



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