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…Paradoxically and with a raised index finger in front of the mouth, CHIII is the sound that when prolonged by human lips represents silence. However, it’s not about an onomatopoeia that demands the lack of noise but an appeal to sharpen the senses and focus the hearing in our surroundings.


Sound present at the boiling water in the tea-pot and at the rain that falls from the sky, CHIII is also the sacred buzz that emanates from everything that breathes and has the gift of manufacture vibration. Going deeper, CHIII is a rereading of the personal feminine pronoun from the English language. From an eastern exoteric point of view, Yin is the feminine energy that agglutinate what is obscure, the unconscious and what is below the apprehensible.




The ideogram above is the representation from Chinese to CHI, which in the traditional eastern culture would be the cosmic vital force that connects the universe, what many just call love. Another way to write referring to that flow of energy would be Qi. The ideogram is also used in reference to the air, breathing and steam.


It’s wonderful to notice how a few letters or just a symbol contains philosophy, multiple meanings and ancestry that dialogs with our present. To perceive music as sound math without casted dimensions and that feeds the spirit is vital to CHIII - Festival de Música Criativa.


The breath of creation transcends the biblical parable. It’s an arcane concept that inhabits all beings. It’s the ability of being antennas to absorb the chaos of creation and with the individual symbiosis another instrument, to shape it in what results to be our interaction with the unspeakable and the unfathomable. Maybe music was born that way: a pure flirt with abyss and the need of talking to the Mystery without a predetermined language and only feeling.


Despite of millenniums and centuries of creating formulas to direct music compositions perhaps the most musical action still is to face an object or tool and extract expressions of it without mandatorily squeeze a sound guided by scores or seeking a traditional melody.


To let be guided to intuition or to seek a subversion of consecrated languages establishes the most essential of the music techniques: to explore, to investigate, to turn around, to explode and to glue it in another way. Ultimately, CHIII is to pursuit the expansion of an infinite border that can’t fit any radio or massified gender.


After two years, CHIII – Festival de Música Criativa is back observing the legacy of the first edition with the will of not repeat itself and looking forward to expand the limits of what is classified as music. This time the festival brings about 40 artists and a diverse program with dozens of attractions that involve dancing and even a podcast. Latin sisters and brothers have been invited to show that Brazil does not turn his back to the southern portion of the continent.


CHIII of 2021 looks forward and takes recorded performances on as an online model to show content difficult to be contained or captured. Still so, records of boldness, contestation, celebration and hearing transgression will be available from 13th to 25th of April in our official YouTube channel.


Check our program and release your CHIII.




Caio Luiz 
journalist and content producer