Conceived by Angela Brava and Juliano Gentile as part of CHIII 2021 program, the podcast aims to bring together two composers to blindly create a song together.

A first artist is invited to compose a track, with the only restriction being the time limit of up to 10 minutes. Then this audio is sent to a second artist to finish and mix, being able to freely edit the material. Throughout this process they do not communicate and do not even know who their partner is in this creation.

The objective is to open space for interaction between musicians, isolated due to the pandemic, and to promote possible encounters and the continuity of artistic creation in new formats. In each of the 4 new episodes we talked to the 2 authors of each track about this experience and, of course, we heard the finished piece

chiado capa_V22.jpg

CHIADO - Edição # 1

album of the first episodes season of the CHIADO Podcast.

chiado capa_V2 (1).png

CHIADO - Edição # 2
album of the second episodes season of the CHIADO Podcast.

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CHIADO - Edição # 3
album of the third episodes season of the CHIADO Podcast.